Thank you for visiting the Teach My People (TMP) "Together Blog".  Our organization has been in operation for 22 years helping students reach their full, God-given potential.  These posts give insights, musings and answers to the work we do and highlight the wonderful students and families we have the opportunity to serve.

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Lifelong Effects of Being Bullied

White Man Mental Health Poster

Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes, Blake Lively, Eminem, and Kate Middleton... These are just a few celebrities who’ve shared openly about being the victims of school bullies, AND how the pain from those childhood experiences continue to impact their adult lives. If you were bullied, you understand the feelings of shame and humiliation these verbal or physical or social media assa...

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A Leveled Playing Field by DeQuan Funny

DeQuan Blog

What Teach My People did was to take the obvious disadvantage of the children of the surrounding area and made it a level playing field for anyone and everyone who was interested. The best part is that they made us work for it. We had to prove we wanted to be successful....

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Perspective Is a Funny Thing

tmp waters 3

I’ve been trying to remind myself of this more and more lately. When life feels stressful, or overwhelming; when a decision feels daunting; when I feel stuck to my armpits in messy, sticky, mucky life–perspective makes a difference....

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And Then There Was HOPE!

Hope Pick

When will the fighting stop? It’s so dark out here. The young girl stood outside, so scared, locked out of the house in the cold, the crying coming from her Mom shattered the quiet on the back porch. As she clung to her Mom’s slip, she gazed up at the stars and clouds and a question entered her mind she would never forget….is God real and if so, does He live up the...

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Teachable and Willing

Lauren Blog

Have you ever had the thought, man, I really wish I knew this when I was younger? If your answer is no, I have a follow up question. Are you in fact a robot or just a perfect human? Inquiring minds need to know. Meaning me, I am the inquiring mind. ...

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MWP_TMP Seniors_2020_073_2020_ (2).JPG

This moment captures all of us with arms full of our students' futures; futures we help carry to the finish line. We help carry their struggles, their hurts and their hopes for the future. We have arms full every day as we help carry them towards their finish line....

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The Journey of Kindness (with an Irish blessing)


“It costs nothing to be nice.” That phrase has stuck with me for years now. We all know there’s so much anger and ugliness and sheer hatred in our world. We feel it around us. We feel it within us. It’s awful, overwhelming, exhausting. But there is kindness. Kindness is something we can choose. And the “cost” of kindness is totally worth it....

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Aaliyah Thomas - TMP Alumni Highlight


Please let me introduce you to Aaliyah. Aaliyah graduated from Waccamaw High School and the Teach My People program in 2018. She has been attending Pfeiffer University for the last three years and is now at the start of her senior year. ...

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Call Things By Their Right Name - Lessons from a Pandemic (Part 1)

Pand 1

Generally speaking, people resist change. It is uncomfortable, confusing and unsettling. Leaders are different. We love change! Especially when we are in charge of it. We see change as a vehicle of bringing our future visions into a very real and present reality....

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School Surge - Tips For Parents

Tips for Parents

It’s the time of the year when students are getting ready to head back to school. Parents are buying uniforms, new clothes, school supplies. College students are getting ready to head to school with refrigerators, microwaves, bedding and the best electronics money can buy. But wait, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. ...

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