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It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Often though that photo doesn’t tell the whole story.


For years now Meghan Whitney has been capturing amazing photos of our seniors. During one of our most recent photo sessions all the seniors asked Lauren, our Pawleys Island Campus Director, to carry their caps and gowns as Meghan captured more photos. Meghan looked over and saw Lauren with an armful of caps and gowns; she captured that moment.


This moment captures all of us with arms full of our students' futures; futures we help carry to the finish line. We help carry their struggles, their hurts and their hopes for the future. We have arms full every day as we help carry them towards their finish line.


These past two years have been quite a challenge for all of us. But we have been blessed not only that we have had the opportunity to “carry” our students' futures, but that God has carried us through these unforeseen times. Psalm 39:10 “Even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.”


As a partner of Teach My People I want to thank you for your continued investment in Teach My People and our students. Our prayer is that you also have experienced this great carrying power of our loving Father this past year.


Together Providing Hope and a Future,
Eric Spatz
Executive Director


MWP_TMP Seniors_2020_073_2020_ (2).JPG



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