Thank you for visiting the Teach My People (TMP) "Together Blog".  Our organization has been in operation for 22 years helping students reach their full, God-given potential.  These posts give insights, musings and answers to the work we do and highlight the wonderful students and families we have the opportunity to serve.

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Teachable and Willing

Lauren Blog

Have you ever had the thought, man, I really wish I knew this when I was younger? If your answer is no, I have a follow up question. Are you in fact a robot or just a perfect human? Inquiring minds need to know. Meaning me, I am the inquiring mind. ...

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Call Things By Their Right Name - Lessons from a Pandemic (Part 1)

Pand 1

Generally speaking, people resist change. It is uncomfortable, confusing and unsettling. Leaders are different. We love change! Especially when we are in charge of it. We see change as a vehicle of bringing our future visions into a very real and present reality....

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