Our Faith - TMP Student Values

Teach My People is Christ-centered, academically focused afterschool and summer program.  We stand strong by our faith and it is always the “why” of the “what” we do.

At Teach My People we teach 10 student values throughout the year during our weekly Bible study time using our acrostic: RESPECTFUL (See below).  These values are not just a great foundation for each student to possess, but give opportunities for our staff to disciple, encourage and instruct our students on a regular basis.

Each month during the school year, our instructors focus on one value each week for four weeks.  These values are the foundations of our Bible Study.  The Bible studies are interactive through object lessons, writing prompts and creative stories to help engage our students.


R - I will be RESPONSIBLE for my words and actions.

E - I will be ENTHUSIASTIC towards my goals.

S - I will be STEADFAST and true to my words.

P - I will be PLEASANT by using my manners at all times.

E - I will be ENCOURAGING to others.

C - I will be COMMITTED to my tasks and finish what I start

T - I will be THANKFUL for everything given to me.

F - I will be FAITHFUL to Jesus Christ.

U - I will be UNDERSTANDING of others and all situations.

L - I will be LOVING to others.




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